Facilities & Resources

Raasta Development Consultants is now a private sector partnership led by Simi Kamal and Zia Niazi. A Director, Research and Evaluation, and a Director, Capacity Building and Training head a team of managers and officers who are directly involved in implementing and managing both long term technical assistance and short term consultancy assignments. A dedicated accounts and administrative staff provide financial and management controls and logistical support while IT and MIS staff manage the huge data base and research resources with state of the art IT systems.

Raasta's library is extensive with studies, training modules and literature pertinent to all its areas of expertise and involvement. Its offices are equipped with state of the art computer systems with independent data and internet servers and a variety of software including Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), ATLAS/ti ver 4.1, dtSearchTM, ANTHROPAC 4.97/x, Urdu/Sindhi programmes, GIS mapping system and desktop printing.

Founder & CEO

Simi Kamal
(On Long Leave)


Senior Professional Staff

Zia Niazi
Associate, Marketing Research

Kausar Hashmi
Manager, Research and Documentation

Muneezeh Saeed Khan
Associate, Research / Monitoring & Evaluation

Shahida Sajid Ali
Associate, Training & Capacity Building

Ashok Kumar
Associate, Field Operations and Data Processing

Wasif Rashid
Associate, Communication & Business Development

Shakil Ghori
Associate, Field Research

Sanaa Baxamoosa
Associate, Water and Environment

Iqbal Rahmani
Associate, GIS Mapping and Environment

Aisha Zia
Associate, Field Research

Nahida Safdar
Associate, Gender and Social Development

Aamir Larik
Associate, Field Research

Siraj Uddin Khan
Senior Admin Officer

Ahmed Palwa
Senior Accountant

Fazal Hameed
Office Assistant / Driver

In addition to senior staff, Raasta has 12 senior research associates, 25 field associates, a network of over 100 trained field investigators and trainers throughout Pakistan and 12 junior and support staff based in the Karachi office.

Detailed Write up of Professional Staff