Management Training Programme for Project Coordinators/CBR Centers
Caritas/ Mensen in Nood/ Raasta
(Sept 1997 - ongoing)

Study of NGOs - Pakistan Country Study
ADB/ Raasta
(Mar 1997)
Mohsin A T

  • Summary Report of The Inception Workshop on " Pakistan Country Study on NGOs", Islamabad
    (Mar 1997)

    Training Workshops on Planning and Management for NGOs
    (a series of seven workshops)

    NGOs/ Raasta, Lahore
    (1990 - 1993)

  • Project Proposals by Participants and Resource Materials

    Training Programme on NGO Management
    (a series of six workshops)

    UNICEF/ NGOs/ Govt. Deptts./ Raasta
    (Mar - Aug 1991)
    Kamal S, Ismail S

  • Basic Training Module on NGO Management
    Khan L, Ismail S

  • Report of the Management Workshop for Non-Professional Managers of NGOs
    (May 1991)