Raasta Development Consultants is a private sector consulting firm. Raasta's scope of work ranges from the grassroots to the national level in Pakistan and abroad, through long term institutional development projects funded by the development banks and bilateral agencies, to medium and short term assignments commissioned by UN agencies, international development organizations, government departments, international and Pakistani civil society sector.

Based in Karachi, Raasta has a wide network of subject specialists, research associates, field investigators and trainers throughout Pakistan. It has carried out extensive field based primary data research, developed training modules, handbooks and materials, initiated community development models, developed gender indicators as a cross cutting theme in all its work, carried out institution building work, and contributed extensively to policy, strategy, roadmaps and development plans in Pakistan and in several other countries. Raasta is always on the cutting edge of international trends, issues and methodologies encompassing the entire range of social development and environmental themes and sectors.